- Dedication to the cause of helping the poor and under privileged section of society.
- Work with and for rural communities especially tribals, dalits, harijans and women to help the their intellectual and physical potentials.
- Work for achievement of human concepts of true Gram Swaraj and Panchayati Raj and ensure that opportunities are created for the marginalized to participate in the process of self governance and self rule.
- Create and atmosphere for and promote true liberation at the village level for self-realization of the weaker sections of society
- Practice live a life of austerity, simplicity and dedication to the cause of the down section of community trod den.
- To promote social harmony and respect for different cultures, heritage, religions and customs

RATIONALES & OBJECTIVE OF INRECA SANSTHAN - To work for the sustainable development and utilization of natural resources ad preserve biodiversity and the environment for future generation.
- To work for the durable improvement in the quality of life and standard of living through economic interventions designed to benefit the poorer sections of society.
- To initiate and executive project and programmes for rural and urban development with special focus on education, health, nutrition, water resources, conservation, sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry, harnessing and developing renewable energy resources and technologies, cottage industries, food processing and preservation, housing forestry, fishring etc. - To promote the involvement of the marginalized communities through participatory processes in planning implementation and management of resources as the primary stakeholder in development.
- To organize deprived communities and form local groups such as Mahila Mandals, Sanghams, Credit and Thrift Societies, Cooperatives etc. as a process for empowerment of the people and developing the management capacities to make decision and manage group activities for their development.
- To under take process documentation as a social science research methodology for collectivisation of ideas, enabling participation at different levels, building people's capabilities and enabling people to take responsibilities.
- To promote social harmony and respect for different cultures, heritage, religions and customs

- Construction and maintenance of rural link road, electrification and drainage.
- Establishing in the running of schools, colleges, laboratories, hostels and libraries.
- Establishing dispensaries, maternity homes and child welfare centres.
- Assisting weaker section of society and to construct their own house.
- Developing minor and community irrigation schemes.
- Supplying agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, insecticides and plant equipment to tribals.
- Generate employment opportunities.
- Development rural industries and management systems including establishment of cooperatives.
- Develop drinking water resources through installation of hand pumps, construction and maintenance of open wells.
- Establishing Vocational Training Centre, workshop etc. for education and skills development by conducting seminars, training courses etc
- Conduct research activities in social and technical subject relevant to rural development.
- Establish cooperative societies for organizing and managing community resources, value addition through processing, marketing etc.

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